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Commercial Roofing Company in Nassau County NYWe are BiBi Construction Inc., a full-service, high-quality commercial roofing company servicing the Nassau County area to include western Connecticut and northern New Jersey areas. Regardless of the types of commercial buildings and facilities you may own or operate; we have the team of experts who can work on them. From government buildings to churches to schools and strip malls, if there’s a roof atop the structure, we can perform any of our exceptional repair, maintenance, design or installation services for you and your business. From the day we provide a free estimate and consultation to the last day of the project, we vow to work with you and do the job right the first time.

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As a premier commercial roofing company, we here at BiBi Construction take pride in hiring the best commercial roofing contractors in the Nassau County NY area. So whether you live in the Big Apple, Greenwich, Connecticut, Brooklyn, or Morristown, New Jersey, know that our employees highly skilled commercial roofing experts. Each of our commercial roofing company contractors is licensed, qualified, certified, bonded and experienced at working on any type of commercial roof in any commercial building whether it’s a strip mall, church, school, government building or a building with an irregularly shaped roof. Trust us because customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to our bottom line.

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Make sure to research and do your homework before hiring a commercial roofing company. And when you do, we’re sure you’ll decide that BiBi Construction Inc. is the premier commercial roofing company in the New York City area. So call one of our knowledgeable and friendly associates today at (718) 218-4247, and we’ll answer any question and offer a no-hassle, free estimate.

More About What Commercial Roofing Companies Do

The Best Commercial Roofing Company Is Versatile

Regrettably, each roof has an expiration date. However if you have a commercial roofing company in Nassau County that you can trust, you can make certain to put off that time for as long as possible.

The ideal commercial roofing company can assist you with a preventative maintenance program to keep your roof in great shape, can deal with any commercial roof repair job that occurs when weather conditions or other things cause damage to your roof, and of course, can manage brand-new commercial roof installation when required.

It’s Essential to Have Commercial Roofing Preventive Maintenance

The very best commercial roofing companies in Nassau County NY offer extensive commercial roofing maintenance plans. This can ensure that your roof is always well kept, so it lasts beyond the service warranty date. In fact, lots of building supervisors don’t think about commercial roofing preventive maintenance as a choice but as requirement.

Commercial roofing preventive maintenance normally consists of routinely scheduled service warranty maintenance, assessments, and repairs. This permits a careful documentation of the roof’s history which will ensure your roof lasts well beyond the service warranty, conserving you important resources like money and time you can utilize for other things to advance your business bottom line.

In fact, the majority of roofing companies have an in-depth and thorough maintenance program specifically for commercial roofs. They utilize advanced equipment to examine your roof and can generally find possible issues before they even take place.

Commercial Roof Repair Sure Beats Replacement

Nassau County Commercial Roofing CompanyBefore you choose to replace your building’s roof, make certain to see if commercial roof repair in Nassau County NY won’t forestall this choice.

The best commercial roofing companies usually offer a complimentary assessment of your roof and can be trusted to honestly inform you whether repairs are essential rather than a replacement.

Depending upon the type of roof you have, in some cases the repairs can be done with very little expense if the problem is discovered early enough. Still, a repair job beats replacement most of the time.

You’ll want to employ a commercial roofing company that has experience and credentials working on any roof. So whether you have a flat roof, metal roof, prefabricated roof, or your building has different slopes, the contractor you employ should have the ability to fix the issue.

It’s also vital to have your preferred commercial roofing company on speed-dial as they should have the ability to handle 24-hour emergency service for when unintentional damage has actually been done to your roof by accident or sudden extreme weather.

Commercial Roof Installation, What Are Your Options?

Naturally, in some cases your building’s roof is beyond repair, and the very best alternative is to choose commercial roof installation.

The most typical kinds of commercial roofs available today are EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber) roofing, thermoplastic roofing (TPO), solar energy roofing systems (photovoltaic panels), green roofing systems, modified bitumen, metal roofing systems, and obviously asphalt shingles for buildings shaped like homes).

TPO roofing systems are becoming more popular as the material is durable and flexible to severe high and low temperature levels, last beyond 20 years and are resistant to punctures, fires, high winds, and chemicals. EPDM roofing is versatile and resilient and solar roofing systems are popular as many companies lean towards green and sustainable energy sources.

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