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Flat Roof Repair

Flat Roof RepairThere are several different types of flat roofs, so depending on the type your business has, determines the kind of flat roof repair you need. At BiBi Construction Inc., we provide flat roof repair services for the New York City and surrounding areas. So whether you have rubber roofing, tar and gravel, asphalt rolled roofing or ballasted rubber roofing, we have the experience to make the necessary repairs. When you determine that your roof needs repairs, call on one of our experienced contractors, and we’ll come out to your facility and perform an inspection to determine the best course of action.

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When it comes to flat roof repair, knowing and understanding how to work on various types of flat roofing systems is essential. Our team of experts at BiBi Construction Inc. each has the experience and expertise to work with any flat roofing system your facility may have. Our team receives continuous education and training with the latest trends, techniques, equipment, and materials the industry has to offer. They are also each insured, bonded, licensed, certified and highly skilled. We hire only the best flat roof repair contractors in the region, so you’ll know that from start to finish, your flat roof repair project will be done right the first time.

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No matter what type of flat roof repair you need, whether it was caused by normal wear and tear of extreme weather and elemental situations, we here at BiBi Construction Inc. can fix it. We provide our excellent services to the New York City area so call us today at (718) 218-4247 for a free estimate.

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