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Flat Roofing ContractorsFlat roofing contractors are specialists when it comes to the repair, maintenance, and installation of flat roofing systems for commercial property. The primary types of flat roofs are rubber roofing, tar and gravel, asphalt rolled roofing and ballasted rubber roofing systems. Our team of experts is skilled with the techniques, equipment, and materials needed to work on any type of flat roofing systems on the market. Our flat roofing contractors understand the complicated process involved with flat roofing systems. They also can work on the varied types of facilities and buildings you may operate. Our flat roofing contractors can repair, install, or design a flat roof which can withstand any inclement weather and is water and high wind resistant.

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At BiBi Construction Inc., we take pride in our company stance that the customer is always right. From the start of any project to the very last day, feel free to ask us any question and always share with us any concerns you may have. Our team of highly skilled and qualified flat roofing contractors is each licensed, certified, bonded, and experienced with any type of flat roofing system as well as the equipment, tools and materials need to work on them. We are also adept at any repairs, maintenance, design or installation of the latest types of flat roofing systems available on the market.

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We encourage you to do your homework and research before hiring any flat roofing contractors. When you check us out at BiBi Construction Inc., you’re going to find we’re excellent at what we do, our clients are delighted with our work, and our employees are as good as advertised. So call us today at (718) 218-4247 for a no-hassle, free estimate.

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